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How to Reheat Tamales? Choose From the Best Reheating Options


So you have cooked too much of tamales for dinner, what will you do with the leftovers? Well, reheating them could be your best option. But, do you know how to reheat tamales? For those who are not familiar when it comes to reheating this dish, I will help you choose the best method from different options. Yes, you’ve heard it right! There are various options, and each will be discussed below.

How to Reheat Tamales: The Best Methods to Consider

For those who are looking for a guide that will help them reheat tamales, you’ve come to the right place. If ever you have made a lot of tamales, reheating them the next morning is a wise step to consider. Some of the best reheating methods include the following:

Reheat Tamales by Steaming

Steaming is considered as a standard way in order to prepare tamales, many would also reheat tamales by this method. In this option, you will need a steamer rack and a meat thermometer. And the steps to consider are the following:

Step 1. Defrost the tamales.

Of course, you need to defrost the tamales first for about a minute. You can put a damp towel on the top of tamale, flip it and have it defrosted. Place them on a clean plate for cooling. 

Step 2. Unwrap the tamales.

You will only remove the tamales from the aluminum foil or plastic wrap. You should avoid reheating tamales with wraps. 

Step 3. Heat the tamales. 

Heat the tamales

First is to prepare four cups of hot water and pour it into a 4-quart pot. Just maintain the heat on the stovetop at a medium high level and put the lid on the pot. Put the steamer rack on the top and allow at least two minutes for the water to boil continuously. 

Step 4. Prepare the tamales. 

After the process of boiling, you now have to arrange the tamales in equal spaces for each to be reheated properly. Then reduce the heat to medium level and let it simmer for about fifteen minutes. You now use the meat thermometer in keeping it at only 165 degrees Fahrenheit. 

And after reheating, place them on a clean plate for cooling.

Reheat Tamales by Stove

Reheat Tamales by Stove

Another method is the use of a stove top in reheating tamales. With the use of a stove and a pan, you will have crispy tamales. If you have time to watch the tamales once being reheated then this method is the best option. 

Step 1. Remove the husks of the tamales.

You first need to peel the husks from the tamales and throw them in the trash. 

Step 2. Heat a teaspoon of olive oil. 

In the pan, pour the olive oil and heat it up for about a couple of minutes or three and over medium heat. If the oil is already hot, it might begin to smoke a bit. 

Step 3. Put the tamales in the pan and cover it. 

Place the tamales in the pan carefully for the oil not to splatter. And cover it with a lid for them to cook a lot faster. Take note that you need to flip them every after two or three minutes. 

Step 4. Continue cooking until crispy. 

The tamales will be considered finished once the exterior is crispy and browned. The total cooking time would be at least five to ten minutes. 

Reheat Tamales by Oven

Reheat Tamales by Oven

If you will heat the tamales in the oven, it would bring out all the flavors. But, use an oven if you are not in a hurry because this method might consume your precious time. Here, the items needed are aluminum foil, an oven-safe platter, and an oven, of course. 

Step 1. Preheat the oven. 

Before preparing anything, bear in mind to preheat the oven to 425 degrees. 

Step 2. Get the aluminum foil. 

You might use any aluminum foil but it should be plain and must not be plastic. And cut a piece of it that is big enough in order to wrap the tamales twice.

Step 3. Wrap the tamales. 

Wrap the tamales in the aluminum foil and make sure that you squeeze the air out the foil packet. 

Step 4. And finally, arrange the tamales. 

Have the oven-safe platter then arrange the tamales ensuring that they don’t touch one another. Then, put them in the oven and cook for around 20 minutes. 

Reheat Tamales by a Deep Fryer

reheating tamales through a deep fryer

Others would also choose the idea of reheating tamales through a deep fryer. You will need a deep fryer, of course, kitchen tongs and a paper towel. And the instructions are as follows:

Step 1. Preheat the deep fryer pan. 

Set the deep fryer or the frying pan with oil to medium heat. Let it preheat fully. Cold oil might lead to soggy and unappetizing tamales. 

Step 2. Remove the husks. 

You also need to remove the corn husks of the tamales. 

Step 3. Place the masa rectangle in the oil. 

Now, put the masa rectangle in the oil for around two to three minutes or up until the exterior becomes crispy and golden brown. 


Step 4. Let it cool. 

To avoid burning, let the tamales cool down slightly.

Reheat Tamales by a Microwave


Finally, you can also use your microwave once you plan to reheat the tamales. Do you want to know how to reheat tamales by a microwave? If yes, aside from a microwave, you need to have a microwave-safe plate and a damp paper towel. And follow these directions:

Step 1. Put tamales in a microwave-safe bag. 


You need to place the desired amount of tamales on a microwave-safe plate, bag or container as it would not melt once heated inside the said appliance. 

Step 2. Adding water.

After that, you also need to put at least a few of tablespoons of water at the bottom in order to produce steam. Why? It is because microwave might dry food so adding water will avoid this to happen. 

Step 3. Microwave the tamales on high temperature. 

And now, microwave it on high for around a couple of minutes for every tamale. You also need to check the tamales to check its internal temperatures. 

Step 4. Check the tamales for doneness. 

Test whether they are already reheated by running fingers on it. If there are cold spots, you only need to bring them back inside the microwave. 

Final Thoughts

So, have you now choose which method is the best when it comes to reheating tamales? I hope you did! The methods discussed earlier are your best options if you have leftover of tamales. See? You don’t have to worry if you don’t know how to reheat tamales as this post will help you learn a lot. 

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