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The Quest For The Best Ninja Blender: Which One Is The Best

Blender is a usefull kitchen appliance

Food processors and blenders are among the most valuable kitchen tools that help homeowners and chefs process the work more quickly and easily. 

And when it comes to blenders, Ninja is popularly known for designing most innovative and powerful devices. Here, I will be providing you the best Ninja blenders you can choose from on the market today.

What is a Ninja Blender?

These days, blenders are considered to be popular and also a necessity in the kitchen of most households especially to those who love juicing or blending. So, you might plan on having one as well, am I right? 

Before you purchase, bear in mind that not all blenders could chop, liquefy or grind ingredients so finding the best one in terms of multiple styles and features should be considered. And that is no other than but the best Ninja blender.

Ninja blender is the leading brand in today’s market regarding dependability, power, and other great features. You are guaranteed that these blenders are more than powerful that they could do almost everything.

Besides, Ninja blenders are also the latest innovation in the food processing as well as blending world. The features offered are advanced, the speed and power are beyond what one could ever imagine. These types of blenders render varied roles, and due to its versatility, the best Ninja blender is a useful kitchen appliance all year-round.

Standout Features of Ninja Blender

Known not just a standard kind of blender, Ninja blenders have these features that indeed a stand out from among others out there. And these features are the following:

Ninja Auto-IQ Technology

These kinds of blenders could make operation as well as other complex tasks a lot easier by just a touch of the button. This standout feature will lead to easy and consistent results. You don’t need to mix, stir or no more guesswork too. Proper consistency is definitely guaranteed. 

Nutrient and Vitamin Extraction

Simply throw all the whole veggies or fruits without having to worry about removing the skin and seeds. It is so convenient on your part at the same time it also provides a few numbers of health benefits. Nutrients and vitamins are found in the skin of the fruits or veggies, anyway.

Total Crushing Technology

One of the most annoying problems regarding the use of blenders is the inability to blend ice thoroughly. But, Ninja blenders offer this feature wherein you could get a perfectly even and snow-like ice that is ideal if you want to make frozen drinks.

Nutrient Fusion

This feature refers to the fusion of foods which contain the nutrients from fruits, veggies, and some other foods. There will be an attached food processor to offer unique and extraordinary dishes. 

These are the standout features of Ninja blenders that will reassure you quality blending or processing of your favorite foods. 

Benefits of Using This Kind of Blender

Aside from giving you standout features, Ninja blenders could also offer a few numbers of advantages over the use of other blenders in the market. Well, I am saying about the benefits out of using this kind of blender. And these benefits include the following:


These Ninja blenders could be used for several functions. The blades could chop, blend, puree and could make a dough too. You might also consider making drinks and smoothies. And of course, why not make salsa and soup and a cake or cookie dough too ?

Patented Blade Technology.

You will be provided with 4-blade and 6-blade technologies that are designed in a way that they can blend food all throughout the container. And this food will not be stuck particularly in the lower region. Well-minced and the well-processed food is guaranteed. It will not be hard to clean the vessel as well.

Consistent Blending

Again, there is an assurance that foods will be consistently processed. There is no chunk or mushy product at all.

Container Variety.

 Ninja blenders come in different sizes regarding pitcher size. And apart from the pitcher, you will also have single-serve cups that allow making personal drinks.

Short Blending Time.

Since they are high-powered blenders, they could slice through the food and so process it within minutes only. In fact, you might get a pitcher full of flakes from the ice cubes rapidly. This decreases the time consumed in preparing meals.


 These blenders also use materials that cannot be easily scratched so you can maintain the product for a long time. 


Your senses will be pleased by the design of this blender. They are also safe to use and are appealing to almost everyone’s eyes. Actually, they could be a great addition to the style of the kitchen. 


Easy to clean feature is offered by this kind of blender. Just pop in the parts into a dishwasher, and they will be cleaned properly. Still, you need to read the manual to know which parts must be kept against dishwasher.


Since we are talking about foods here, it is crucial that there is no toxin offered by the blender. Thanks to the fact that the used plastic material in this blender is BPA-free, therefore, saving you from the effects of contamination.

Who wouldn’t want to gain these benefits? Well, if I were you, I will immediately shop for the best Ninja blender and reap these perks. 

How to Pick the Best Ninja Blender?

Though I just said that you immediately shop for this kind of blender, still I want you to be guided on how to pick the best one from the rest. With that, you need to consider these factors:

  • Watts. This factor is very crucial since it helps in determining the smoothness of the smoothies. A powerful motor is needed by those who want finer drinks. For those who want a little bit chunky drinks, then a lower wattage is enough. 
  • The Size of the Cup. Having a bigger-sized cup and container means creating bigger batches sufficing your needs.
  • Design. You have to pick a design that will suit both your taste and lifestyle.
  • Budget. Of course, you have to consider your budget and pick a decent one that matches your allotted budget.

Reviews of the Best Ninja Blenders

We know you've been aiming for this, so let's start the review of the best Ninja blenders available in the market.

1. Ninja Professional Blender with Nutri Ninja Cups – Best Product for Value

“Great products and lots of power. Smoothies, pina coladas you name it. It chops up ice so easily. I tossed my bullet after testing it out.”

In terms of speed and performance, the tool's 1100 watt motor helps it stand out. It features a total crushing technology for mashing fruits, vegetables, and ice. Its excellent 72-ounce capacity is ideal for entertaining guests and the whole family.

The buttons are very simple to use. It has one serve setting, three pre-set buttons, watt setting and a pulse. The safety lid prevents the device from turning on if not properly fitted.

However, it doesn't convert vegetables into juice, and the smaller single serve blender is quite delicate.


  • Straightforward to use
  • Versatile
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 1100 watts; has 72-ounce capacity
  • Crushes veggies, fruits, and ice easily
  • One year warranty


  • Does not convert vegetables into fruits
  • Smaller single serve blender is quite weak

2. Ninja Mega Kitchen System – Best Product for Full Functionality

“I have it now for more than a year - it still works great. My kids use it daily. For those who complained about mess - make sure you put the lid properly. I and my kids learnt it quickly after a couple of oops.”

Want to make ice cream, bread, smoothies, chopped salad or dressing? The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is definitely what you need! It's a multi-function blender that also acts as a food processor, dough mixer, and juicer. Such a real convenience!

The device features a generously 8 cups sized food processing bowl so making a dough and chopping foods will be a lot easier. The two horsepower or 1500 watt motor seamlessly purees, blends and chops almost all types of food.

Just place all the ingredients you need into the device, press the button of Auto-IQ, leave it for a moment. After a few minutes, your delectable food is ready to punch your stomach!

On the other hand, this tool is a bit loud and doesn't include a grating/slicing blade.


  • 1500 watt motor
  • Eight-cup food processing bowl
  • Handles all cooking and blending tasks
  • Vitamin and nutrient extraction
  • Lots of extras included


  • Quite loud
  • Doesn't include a grating/slicing blade

3. Ninja Kitchen System Pulse – Best Product for Budget

“Best blender I've owned! I love this and I love that I can use a pitcher or a single serve cup. In addition to the system being really easy to use -- I personally love how easy it is to clean! That's everything to me. The blades come out very easily and cleanup is a breeze. I'm very happy with this purchase!”

A powerful small blender and an unparalleled value, Ninja Kitchen System Pulse can mix, knead, blend and process any food, much more inexpensive compared to other Ninja blenders.

This blender has 700 power watts, quite sufficient for the size of the blending cups and the blender jar. It is easy to clean, and dishwasher safe, plus the blender jar blades are removable.

The Ninja Pulse has three single serve blending cups with lids, as well as a forty-ounce processor bowl, all of which are BPA free.

It may have less capability and power than more expensive models; however, it doesn't affect its blending capacities. 


  • Compact
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe, BPA free
  • Removable blades
  • Features Sports Total Crushing blade technology & dough attachments


  • May have less capacity and power compared to other blenders

4. Ninja Kitchen System 1200 (BL700) – Best Product for Quality

“I am using it for 7 months. 5 daily shakes a week. I shake juice with chia seed, sesame seeds etc. It works effectively and I am getting the results i am expecting.”

Whether it is refreshing iced coffee and shakes or making healthy dips, sauces, and juices, Ninja BL700 can excellently do the job. It boasts a 72oz goblet capacity so that you can prepare a variety of drinks for your family or guests in just minutes!

Its low profile design doesn't consume much of your spacious room. A 1000 power watt is great for crushing, cutting and blending almost all ingredients. With this, you can prepare your favorite smoothies, make cold drinks and chop foods.

Though, the blender's cord is very short. 


  • Powerful, with 1000 watts capacity
  • Durable
  • User-friendly, with a good carrying handle
  • Has tons of speed settings
  • Dishwasher safe & BPA free


  • The cord is way too short

5. Ninja Professional Blender (BL610) – Best Product for Versatility

“I’ve been using this blender for 3 months and 5 days a week, still working strong! Blades are still sharp and no chips.”

Looking to exploit the features and power of the Ninja without spending too many bucks? Then, you'll never go wrong investing in Ninja BL610!

Many love creating smoothies and drinks using this powerful blender. The easy to use spout can be opened or locked when pouring a drink. It has 1000 watts of power and a pulsing setting. You can even make big rounds of smoothies or other drinks for the whole family or a bunch of people, thanks to its 72-ounce pitcher.

Unlike other models, Ninja Professional BL610 will not give you a headache cleaning it due to the blades getting stuck inside the blender. The blades of this tool can be completely removed so you can easily clean and rinse it.

Though most of the components are made of plastic, it does not feel cheap. 


  • Stylish and sleek in design
  • 1000 power watts
  • Has 72-ounce pitcher
  • Total Crushing Technology for easy blending of frozen foods and ice
  • Includes delicious Ninja recipes


  • The system is made of plastic
  • No Auto-IQ technology

Product Comparison Table

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Final Verdict

All of these Ninja blenders deserve double thumbs up for their excellent features and functionality. But if you're looking for a powerful device that looks great without breaking your pocket, the Ninja Professional Blender with Nutri Ninja Cups is our top recommendation. With this, you can prepare juices ,smoothies or treats for a large group of people

I hope you found this review of the best Ninja blenders helpful in finding a suitable blender for you. Share this post with your friends to make their search less hassle. Don't forget to like and leave a comment below!

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